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EOI vocabulario: Useful Phrases/Vocabulary for B2/C1 EOI Exam

EOI vocabulario
EOI Vocab

EOI Vocabulario

Life stages

A rite of passage

Somebody's declining/twilight years

A spring chicken (young)



Unrealistic expectations

Low self-esteem


Cutting-edge technology

At the forefront of scientific research

To reinvent the wheel

It is not rocket science

Well-oiled machine


A rich tapestry of history/culture, etc.

The good old days

Times gone by (to refer to the past)

The rest is history

A blast from the past

Take a trip down memory lane

Let bygones be bygones

That ship has sailed

Donkey's years (ago)


A drop in the ocean

To turn a blind eye to something

A hot potato

The sands of time are running out

You reap what you sow

Mistreatment of animals

Kept in captivity

Blood sports


Home is where the heart is

A man's home is his castle



Estate agent




Striking a good work/life balance

Juggling studies/childcare and working life

Work to live, do not live to work

Bring home the bacon (the breadwinner)

It's your bread and butter

Glued to a screen

Open doors

Equal pay for equal work


Get away from the hustle and bustle (of the city/office/your life)

Get away from it all


Switch off

Provide you with escapism

Adrenaline junkie

Glued to a screen


I love the hustle and bustle of the city

Get off the beaten track

To get itchy feet

To let your hair down

To live out of your suitcase

To hit the road

Out of your comfort zone


To be like chalk and cheese

To feel like a fish out of water

To gatecrash

To follow in their footsteps

To look up to somebody

To be like peas in a pod

To be like peas and carrots

To live at peace with someone or something

Health (health system)

Persisting symptoms


Side effects


Confined to a wheelchair

Mortality/survival rate

Eradicate something

To be under the weather

Fit as a fiddle

A clean bill of health

To go under the knife

To be back on one's feet

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